Raspberry Ultra Drops: How Effective are They?

3d man tied with text 'fraud' after committing crime.We’ve recently discovered some very disturbing information about a popular raspberry ketones weight loss supplement. This kind of thing really upsets us, as you know that we’re big advocates of natural supplements that help you lose weight.

So when someone takes a good thing and turns it on its head, it’s upsetting. The product we’re talking about is Raspberry Ultra Drops. In a nutshell – steer clear of this product. But if you want to know more about why, please keep reading.

Thousands of Fraudulent Charges

In the past it was much easier to get away with ripping people off. There was only so much you could do if a company mistreated you. Thankfully today, any report of scam, fraud or abuse is easily spread like a wildfire on the internet. This is just the case with Raspberry Ultra Drops.

Thousands of customers have flooded the big complaint sites like ScamBook and ComplaintsBoard. The company behind this supplement is being blamed for everything from false advertising and not even sending the ordered products, to plain out fraud and hacking into customer personal accounts.

Most recently, there’s an eery number of customers claiming this company hacked into their email accounts and sent out tons of emails. Other people, claim they received emails from their family or friends about Raspberry Ultra Drops that were not sent by who it appeared to be sent buy.

How could they have the nerve to hack into customer email accounts and send out promo emails recommending the product to all that customer’s contacts?

raspberry ultra drop scam1


raspberry ultra drop scam2


Some customers don’t list the exact amount that they lost after doing business with this company. However, there is one that listed $9,000 in damages.

Ridiculously Expensive for Such a Scam

If you were brave enough to buy from them and try Raspberry Ultra Drops, you’d end up paying nearly $70 for a SINGLE bottle… and that bottle is only 2oz. Ouch.

But what’s even in it? Who knows! There’s no label to view, not list of ingredients… nothing. That’s the biggest red caution flag there could be when you’re buying weight loss pills online.

More times than not, if they don’t clearly tell you exactly how much raspberry ketone is actually in the product, you can bet that there isn’t very much.


Run. Run fast. We normally like to try to find the good and the bad about any product. But this is one of those rare cases where there just doesn’t seem to be any good points to write about. Raspberry Ultra Drops is clearly a scam and something to steer clear of.

Don’t fall for any emails, Facebook posts or anything from friends recommending it, because they obviously like to hack customer accounts and freely promote what they want.


OUR Recommendation for Raspberry Ketones

As you can hopefully see, choosing who to buy raspberry ketone or other health supplements is an important decision that could cost you. Don’t take any chances. Do your research. According to the research we’ve done, the best is the one by NewLifeBotanical. Their raspberry drops sell on Amazon here. BUT, if you check AlivebyNature, you can usually get these raspberry drops with a discount.


Recommended by Dr Oz, it:

  • Is completely natural – Powerful added ingredients for faster weight loss (no fillers or additives – all natural!)
  • Absorbed by your body 3x faster than capsules
  • A full 30-day supply
  • Comes with money back guarantee
  • Is proven to be effective
  • Backed by a company that CARES – Call or Email for support!





Raspberry ultra drops are the lastest diet craze to hit the weight loss program circuit, but do they actually work?  Raspberry ultra drops contain ingredients that help lose the weight and burn the calories. Raspberry Ketone helps to supress the appetite and aid in the weight loss. Every one has trouble staying on a diet and lsoing weight, but not every plan out there is a good one. Raspberry ultra drops make the appearance that they will help you, but are the just a scam?

Raspeberry ketone promotes the image of a productive element but when you look at the other aspects it is just another fad. The raspeberry ketone does promote weight loss, but it does come at a price. When you buy on line and you are offered a free trial you can put in your information, but it is a fraud. When you order the products online you are automatically asded to their shipment process. Most offer a free trial to sse if you want to try it and then if you don’t you can cancel at any time. This product does not offer this option. You are automatically signed up for their products and they don;t even give you an out, which in turns makes this product a scam. Raspberry Ketone and all the ingredient offers is also a fraud because it really doesn’t do what it advertises when it comes ot helping a person lose weight.

The other issues with this product is that it doesn’t contain all of the information about it. It only offers a certain amount of facts and than it skips over other information. When it comes to Raspberry Ketone ultra drops they also don’t provide links to doctor information. There is no way you can check out if the medical field can recommend it or not. These drops also don’t list all of the ingredients and when to actually losing the weight it’s a scam. It gives the appearance that you are losing the weight, but you also need to keep up with healthy eating and exercise, which is one thing that this product omitts from it’s detail. So befroe you use this make sure you investigate further, because this product is not all it’s cracked up to be.

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