Limiting, yes, but the Paleo diet can help you feel better

woman eating steak kabog paleo dietLimiting, yes, but the Paleo diet can help you feel better
The Paleo diet advocates eating real food like cave men used to. According to the Paleo experts, our bodies evolved to process meats and vegetables and digest those well. Grains came later, and our bodies still struggle to digest them. Modern grains …
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‘Parisian Diet‘: Key to Being French Skinny Is Savoring Food, Author Says
The French are relentlessly chic, especially when it comes to cuisine. But despite their love affair with creamy cheese, full-bodied wine and soft pastries, French women, on average, are skinnier than American women. Obesity rates in France are about …
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Atkins Diet vs. China Study — a debate
In this corner, the author of “The China Study,” a bestselling book on nutrition which touts a plant-based, high carbohydrate/low protein diet for overall health and cancer prevention. In the other corner, co-author of “New Atkins for a New You,” an …
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