Dr. Oz Videos

Dr. Oz gets ready for the day with a quick 7-minute workout and in this video he shares it with you. He’s also brought along a professional trainer who gives you pointers throughout the workout. It’s important to note that you should follow along within your comfort level. Like he says, you aren’t going to win a medal because you’re able to do it perfectly or maybe even better than him. You might be surprised to find that it includes a bit of strength training along with some core yoga moves.

What do you really know about heart attacks and their relation to your lifestyle, diet and health? Here, Dr. Oz will share a wealth of information that could very well save your life. At the least you’ll probably learn something new and start to truly understand the link between the three. Do you know what really happens in your body when you have a heart attack? Do you know why it can be so deadly? After watching this video you will.

If you don’t really give diabetes much of a thought, then you’re like many Americans. A lot of people simply don’t understand how aggressive and dangerous this condition is and Dr. Oz is trying to change that. He developed a stunning animation that portrays exactly what’s happening in your body when you have diabetes and says that everyone should know what their blood sugar numbers are. Follow along with a young lady who never thought it would happen to her – but it did. Are you being proactive in eating right and avoiding the onset of diabetes?

Most people who are overweight have a really hard time pinpointing why exactly that is. In this video, Dr. Oz shares some not-so-well known facts and the “secret reasons” why you’re getting fat. Ever hear people say that diet soda helps you gain weight instead of lose it? Doesn’t make much sense, right? Well after you hear his explanation on this, it makes perfect sense. Watch this video! I am almost positive you’ll learn something to help you stay healthier.