Diabetes Videos

In this video on diabetes we’ll investigate the different types of diabetes and how they’re diagnosed. We’ll also share with you some symptoms of this disease, as well as how it might affect your health, too. You’ll learn strategies like the daily monitoring of your blood sugar levels called glucose so you can learn how to keep your diabetes under control. We’ll also give you some tips about diet and exercise which will you minimize the complications that are commonly associated with this disease. Did you know that by losing a little bit of weight is often enough to get your diabetes under control? This video isn’t just for those with diabetes, though… Even if you don’t have diabetes, but feel you might be at risk of developing it, these tips you could also help in preventing the development of some types of diabetes.

Whether or not you have pre-diabetes or full-blown type two diabetes, this video is for you. It provides education and a little bit of information that is being withheld from you from your doctor. Unfortunately, not many doctors take the time to teach their patients what’s really happening inside their bodies. In this video, I’ll specifically reveal the number one thing you need to know. You’ll discover new info and once you do, you should go talk to your doctor about it. There’s a lot of misconceptions about diabetes and specifically type II diabetes that this video will set straight.

In this video, we’ll learn about turning around the diabetes epidemic. One hundred million Americans have diabetes or pre-diabetes and that puts them at risk for amputation, for heart disease, for blindness and more. We’re actually exporting this epidemic overseas now. An epidemic is something that we study with sterile statistics and maps and graphs – but the truth is it’s something that impinges directly on people. Neal Barnard is a trusted clinical researcher. He is also known for being the founder of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM). Here, he’ll identify the true causes of this serious issue and help you understand how to fight these statistics and not become one of them.