Cholesterol Videos

There’s now new research that shows we may have been somewhat wrong in our beliefs about cholesterol. Recently revealed, this research shows that high cholesterol could actually be good. For the past twenty years, doctors have been telling us to stay away from foods that are full of fat. You know, some of our most favorite things… even bacon and eggs. Why? Because they would only raise our cholesterol and likely end in heart disease. So we listened – somewhat. Many Americans have very much limited this kind of food in their diet. BUT… now we’re eating more carbs and sugar. And we’ve gotten fatter than ever. Obesity is an epidemic in this country. Now, researchers say we may have had it wrong… much of what was blamed on cholesterol should have been blamed on inflammation. So we should be avoiding foods that lead to inflammation instead. Watch the video above for more info.


We know you’ve heard of the big bad C word: Cholesterol. If you’re like most Americans, it one of the main things your doctor checks each and every time you go in to see him (or her). But what is it really? And why is it so important? Why should you be monitoring it and paying attention to it? The video above explains everything you need to know about cholesterol. Where does cholesterol come from? What does it actually mean if you have lots of it in your blood? What can you do to keep your cholesterol levels in check? It’s believed that high cholesterol is a huge factor in whether you develop heart disease or have a stroke (but please watch the first video on this page with the newest research explaining more about this).


For so long now, we’ve been led to believe that cholesterol is one of the main causes of heart disease. Doctors have been led to believe this and trained to teach us this. The medical industry has spent millions of dollars just trying to come up with a pharmaceutical solution to helping people lower cholesterol levels. But sadly, these drugs don’t work for many people. What’s even worse is that it may not be that cholesterol is enemy #1 anyways. Doctors have wandered off the beaten path. They’ve lost focus on the many other things that could be to blame and in the video Dr. Oz explains why, how and what you need to know.