Fisetin: Demystifying The Senolytic Flavonoid

How often do you eat strawberries? If you eat them for their savory sweet taste, it would help greatly to know that maybe you are getting more than a sweet taste and some vitamins. A flavonoid of anti-aging properties often contributes to the pigment of vegetables and fruits like strawberries and apples. Does it mean an apple a day keeps aging away? Well, keep reading to discover more about the compound and how it can help your health.

The new anti-aging solution

No one wants to get so old and frail to the point that thy even start losing memories. Since this is a concern at the global level, anti-aging scientists have been out to change the situation. Their effort seems to have born them fruits through the discovery that fisetin, the naturally occurring compound in fruits and vegetables has potential senelytic properties. But besides being found to have the ability to delay and in some instances reverse aging, there are more potential benefits to fisetin in our bodies.

The experiments done on mice have at least shown that fisetin can be a potent antidote to eliminating senescent cells. These cells accumulate during aging and cause our bodies a number of harms. While it was discovered many years back, fisetin is one of the numerous other diet-derived anti-oxidants that are increasingly under the research of anti-aging scientists for health enhancement effects. Being a plant-based flavonoid, it can be taken for longest durations without experiencing any adverse effects. Take a closer look at the insights of this promising plant pigment.

What is Fisetin?

If you have not heard about this senolytic compound, there are many like you. In any case, with approximately 6,000 flavonoids from which you can choose, and all having individual colorful pigments of fruits, herbs and vegetables, plus a host of medicinal plants. Apart having functions in the making of pigments, flavonoids equally are anti-oxidants.

There has been an increasing attention on the value of antioxidants. This has led to individual flavonoids getting more recognized for the potential benefits on human health. One of the latest studies suggested that taking high levels of fisetin can help you live longer and healthier lives. In pre-clinical research on mice, it was established that consuming fisetin can extend your life by up to 10%.

Other Fisetin Benefits in Brief

Like it was indicated, fisetin is not just potent with senolytic effects. It has myriad other health effects that are least known to many. Other potential benefits may include:

• Encouraging anti-inflammatory action
• Helps in protection from cancer
• Inhibits glycation causing bone damages
• Keeps your glutathione levels at optimum
• Protects the functions of the brain
• Slow down the progress of Huntington’s disease
• Stabilizes resveratol

Another research was conducted to determine the senolytic activity of 10 different flavonoids. Fisetin was one among the 10 flavonoids used in the evaluation. At the end of the tests, it was declared that fisetin is the most potent among the ten were considered for the study.

In short, while this flavonoid is still under research for more specific data and different forms of use, it doesn’t have to eat natural foods that have this compound. It would equally help to include the dietary supplements.

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