Cash for pounds makes cents in greenback diet

Cash for pounds makes cents in greenback diet
What's a pound of flesh worth? Dieters at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota apparently think it's worth at least five bucks. A yearlong study of incentives in dieting found that the majority of 100 obese participants met a goal of losing four pounds per …
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Salty diet may increase risk for autoimmune diseases
Researchers note that autoimmune diseases have gone up in the Western world, and many scientists believe it is because of environmental factors especially changes in lifestyle and dietary habits. More consumption of highly processed food and fast food …
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Topol: 'Evidence Is Compelling' on Mediterranean Diet
In this brief segment today, I will talk about the Mediterranean diet study. This is a study that was published in the February 25 New England Journal of Medicine. I will try to get some commentary, either from myself or other colleagues, about really …
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