Alive By Nature – A Innovative Brand in Anti-Aging Scene

Our team and its core value

Our team consists of biological experts working to make the health of the older individual efficient including the younger ones too. Our brand is working day by day to make the wellness of an individual in a long way by taking these supplements on a daily basis.

Our team that also includes physicians, developers and formulators try to bring something more valuable for our clients so that they are fully aware of the products they are buying and using. We don’t compromise on our quality.

We drive our product from natural ingredients and are pure.

We work on the innovations as well to advance the medical field to a great extent. We drive our data to keep the industries knowledge deep and healthy from all aspects of our product and its value.

Scientifically proven products

Our products are scientifically proven products. It has the optimum level of NAD+ and 100% clean and naturally derived products.

We don’t sell any product that is not followed by pharmaceutical protocols.

Our products are accepted and supported by science with full protocols that our supplements would provide them the best possible results under the required testing protocols.

We provide these supplements to improve the fortifying cells with maximum utilization using all the clinical grade ingredients.

Bridging the Gap

We are here working with our biological experts, researching about the effects that would occur after taking these supplements and what biological changes it is making in our bodies. That relationship should be quantifiable as well.

So, our team keeps working on micronutrients and biomarkers with little changes in the human body. Our analytical team is highly skilled and constantly works on how does it work.

Our analytical team bridges the gap between the new innovations and technologies making sure that each product is up to the mark according to the protocols and in quality as well.

Our patent of low-temperature tableting technology is further investigating the benefits and further working is going on to ensure the quality and authentication of our pioneered developed low temperature.


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