drgreggwhiteAmerica has an enormous and growing obesity problem. The Trust for America’s Health and the Robert Johnson Foundation recently released a report with some scary news for anyone who lives here: Over the next 20 years, expect to see the number or obese Americans continue to rise in every single state. The government continues to struggle with an effective solution to the problem, but let’s face it… it’s far from being at the very top of the list of things to do.

Here at the Diet Management Association of America, we don’t see how it’s a smart choice to sit and wait for their help. When they do finally, if they do finally, get something done about it, it will probably come at a very high cost to Americans. We think that’s absurd. There are many natural ways that you can lose weight.

But many of these products aren’t going to make the big pharmaceutical companies and the government millions of dollars, so they aren’t going to tell you about them.

Health care providers would have you think that if diet and exercise don’t work for you, then you’ll need expensive prescription medicine or surgery. While that may be the case in some rare cases, there’s a whole world of natural solutions that sit in the middle between the two extremes.

dmaa-meetingHow do we know? Why would you listen to us?

We’ve assembled the finest group of nutrionists, medical professionals and natural health care advocates that consult together to provide helpful information for anyone who is interested. Our association isn’t micro-managed, either. Each contributor is free to publish as little or as much as they please with no editorial guidelines.

We don’t hinder them from providing insight and education about health. Each and every member is an established, respected authority figure in the industry and we don’t believe in censoring information that many other professional health organizations to.

We hope that you’ll discover the right solution for you through our research and continue to visit for the latest weight loss news.