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Weight Loss Treatment And Supplement Reviews

After reviewing and testing a variety of Weight Loss and Obesity Treatments, we have selected our top choices.  Our priority rating is based on quality, effectiveness, cost and availability.  Our research determines and recommends the best available products.  We aim to assist the consumer so that you can start using the best products available. We research the products on the market so that you don’t have to guess.

Best Weight Loss and Obesity Treatments (in priority order): 

garcinia-bottle-small#1 Garcinia Cambogia Fat Burning Extract 5stars-rd (Learn All About it HERE)

Garcinia clearly has become the leading weight loss supplement when it hit the markets mid-2013. The feedback from people using it spread from daytime TV shows like Dr. Oz, to the biggest health sites on the internet and news shows and other media. The strong fat burning element to this extract comes from the hydroxycitric acid (HCA) in it. The extract itself comes from the tamarind fruit – the rinds of the fruit to be exact, and is completely natural (unless you buy a low quality product that cut corners on manufacturing and filled it with filler ingredients). Until this hit the market, green coffee extract was our favorite. But we’ve moved that to number two now.

#2 Alive By Nature Svetol Green Coffee Extract 5stars rd Weight Loss and Obesity Treatments  (Click HERE to visit!)

After all the different Nicotinamide Riboside we’ve reviewed, Alive By Nature’s beats them all hands down. If you’re buying green coffee supplements, there’s a good chance you heard about it on Dr. Oz or from a website that endorses him. Well you can be rest assured that if you buy it from AliveByNature, you’re getting exactly what he recommends at the very best price. The best quality and great value. They go above and beyond on every level including quality, price and customer service. This Svetol extract has:

  • A minimum of 50% Chlorogenic Acid
  • Absolutely ZERO filler ingredients or additives
  • A minimum of 400mg per capsule
  • Includes Svetol!
#3 Alli 

Alli, is a new medication that is readily available over-the-counter. It is considered a fat blocking drug, similar to Garcinia Cambogia. Previously, there was only Xenical available for this function.  Alli however contains less of this active ingredient.  It still has most of the same side effects such as the prescription form. These side effects are almost always present, and include gas, difficulty controlling bowel movements, and fat or oil in stools. Sometimes these can be unpleasant and embarrassing.

Alli prides itself in being a whole program or plan. And like other medications, it works well only if you follow the instructions or diet and exercise. It comes with books and charts and diaries.  There is even a support line.

alli is supposed to block 25% of fat when you eat.  And, since the fat is not absorbed, it is expelled though the stool or waste. This is why people using Alli have oily stools and gas

If you buy the alli system, you need to activate your personalized plan online.